Jesse Hamlin of SFGate, February 23, 2012

Richard Whittaker of works & conversations, August 10, 2011



"...whether inside or outside the confines of the gallery/museum setting, Kamler's art explores the realm of protest as the content of fine art."
--Judith Coburn; L.A. Times, Feb 23, 2000

"Is it unusual for a Sheriff to support the efforts of an artist who is a self-described 'prison abolitionist?' Yes it is."
 --Sheriff Michael Hennessey; Catalogue Essay, Table of Voices

"...Kamler's work as an artist can be compared to a magician with a specific, albeit large chore; he keeps hovering and landing, his quest no less than to continue to find appropriate rituals to heal the incarcerate wound."
--Stephen Vincent, Catalogue Essay, Table of Voices